There will be six different projects across the four weeks of the placement and they will have to be planned ahead. Each week of the placement will begin with a training session at the University of Veliko Tarnovo which will aim to give students the needed knowledge and skills in order to do well with their projects in the current week. Participants may be divided into distinct teams for their projects. Moreover, a few days of the week will be spent in a clinical (private clinical psychologist office), forensic (prison) or medical environment (cardiac clinic) with professionals working in the fields. At the end of each week, students will be asked to give their feedback for the past week. The following timetable is an illustration of a typical week.

Morning Afternoon
Monday Training session Project planning
Tuesday Project Project
Wednesday Project Project
Thursday Project Project
Friday Project Feedback session

Further Project Details:

CJP (Criminal Justice Project):
This project will be performed in prison environment and students will have the opportunity to explore the law, assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour in Bulgaria.

CPP (Clinical Psychology Projects): These projects will be spent at private office where students will be able to work side-by-side with clinical psychologists.

Mental Health Projects (MHP): These projects will be focused on working with vulnerable children or elderly people.

Mentoring Projects (MP): In such projects, students will be teaching English to children or elderly people.

NEW FOR 2021* CCP (Cardiac Clinic Projects): These projects will take place at the private Cardiac Clinic in Veliko Tarnovo where volunteers will be able to work directly with patients and attend psychosomatic medicine lectures, workshops and seminars.

NEW FOR 2021* OPP (Organisational Psychology Projects): These projects will be focused on the Selection and Assessment processes within organisations.


Throughout the working week, students will be accommodated in a recently renewed private accommodation in Veliko Tarnovo. Each morning they will have the opportunity to wake up and enjoy an amazing view of Tsarevets fortress. Since participants’ health and safety is our first priority, the accommodation will be under 24-hour surveillance and security. Students will be sharing apartments, but each of them will be provided with a single room. Each apartment has its own toilet and bathroom as well as free TV and Wi-Fi access. The restaurant where participants will have their breakfast and dinner is located near the accommodation building. In the end of each week, the whole apartments will be cleaned and the bedclothes will be changed. Moreover, the laundry services will be done at that time as well and will be free of charge. Last but not least, there is a bus stop near the accommodation which will allow students to travel around the city in their free time. However, the transport to and back from the projects will be provided during the week.


Students will receive four different certificates for their work during the IFC placement:

  1. Certificate from the University of Veliko Tarnovo, which will provide them with 2 course credits.
  2. Certificate from the  Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, acknowledging their contribution to the the social services provided in Bulgaria and the development of the Bulgarian community.
  3. A certificate for their clinical practice from the clinical psychologist who they will be working with throughout the placement.
  4. Last but not least, volunteers will receive a medical psychology practice certificate from the psychologist at the private cardiac clinic in Veliko Tarnovo.In addition, volunteers will be provided with additional references for future job applications if necessary.


During the weekends, volunteers will have free time to explore the nature and beauty of Bulgaria. Two of the weekends are included in the price: the first weekend which will be in Veliko Tarnovo and the second one which will be in Tryavna. The third weekend will be chosen by the placement group and we will help with its organisation.

Fees and Payments

One of our priorities is to make our summer placements as accessible as possible for everyone, therefore we aim to keep our costs low. The placement fees cover all lectures, workshops, seminars, transport from the airport, accommodation with two meals a day during the working week, two of your weekends in Bulgaria, donation to all visited social institutions within the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and 24-hour support. Please remember you will also need to consider finances for flights, visas, travel insurance and spending money.

All of us on the IFC team were once students too, so we know you are not made of money. Fundraising is a great option for volunteers who need a little financial push. People’s generosity can often surprise you, but if you are squeamish about asking individuals directly please check out the options available from your university.

Please note that all of our partners are compensated for their role in looking after you as well as providing you with knowledge and experience and contributing financially to the country where we work is integral to the ethicality of our organisation.

What is included in your program fees?

• Accommodation

• Breakfast and dinner

• 100+ hours of interactive trainings and practice

• Certificates of learning

• 24-hour support

• Transportation

• Donation to the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo

What is not included in your program fees?

• Flights

• Visa

• Travel insurance

• Spending money

Payments: Step 1: Program Acceptance Fee £250

After your interview stage, if awarded a place on our team, a non-refundable program acceptance fee is required to secure your place, which is payable within a month of your program offer.

Step 2: Full Program Fee £850

The full program fee is due 4 weeks before departure.