Clinical Experience in Bulgaria

Lily Boundy wrote about the clinical experience she gained in Bulgaria.

“During the summer of 2019 I participated in a four-week long placement in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. This was in association with IFC volunteering, an organisation which provides psychology students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of psychology in one of the oldest countries in Europe. The placement involved working within various
psychological settings such as centres for vulnerable children or
elderly people, cardiac clinics, and prison environments. It is definitely a valuable experience for students who wish to pursue a career in clinical or forensic psychology as I found it an amazing opportunity to learn more about mental health and physical disabilities.

Each day was different on this placement, as the program coordinators wanted to provide us with a range of experiences to learn from. For example, every Monday we would have a clinical training day which we spent with a clinical psychologist and had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the services and treatments provided in Bulgaria. We got to look at case studies and participate in activities typically given to patients to gain an insight into how different mental health disorders are treated in that country. During the week, we spent usually 2-3 days volunteering in different settings. In particular, we spent a lot of time in children and family centres for vulnerable children.”

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